Tianjin University

Tianjin University provides a complete education and development system from undergraduate to postgraduate level.The University focuses on engineering, with a combination of science and engineering, and comprehensive development of subjects including management, economics, literature, philosophy, education and pharmacology. At present, the number of students total over 22,000.
The university started receiving overseas students from 1954. Currently, there are more than 800 foreign students living and studying at the university.


Majors Open to Overseas Students 
Undergraduate Courses 
Chinese Language Computer Science and Technology Business Administration# Automation Architecture Information Management and Information System Civil Engineering Law Machinery Design, Manufacture and Automation#* Electric Power System and Automation# Chemical Engineering#* Environment Engineering# Urban Planning Arts Design E-commerce Electronic Information and Engineering
(Majors marked with # are open to postgraduates and majors marked with * are open to doctors)
Postgraduate Courses 
Machinery Electronic Engineering# Optics Engineering Electrical Machinery and Appliances# Precise Instrument and Machinery Biomedical Engineering# Communication and Information System# Computer Software and Theory Structure Engineering# Port, Bay and Offshore Engineering# Architecture History and Theory# Architecture Design and Theory# 
(Majors marked with * are open to doctors)
Doctoral Courses 
Signal and Information Processing Computer Application Technology Management Science and Engineering
Non-degree Courses 
Programs for Senior Visiting Students Programs for Ordinary Visiting Students Language Programs

Tuition: (in RMB)

Course Type



Undergraduate Course


Every September

Postgraduate Course


Doctoral Course


Programs for Ordinary Visiting Students


Programs for Senior Visiting Students


Chinese Programs for Visiting Students


Every February and September

Short-term Chinese Programs


June-August, December-January

Living Facilities and Conditions
The university has various servicing facilities such as a hospital, a bank, a post office, various stores and laundry facilities as well as several restaurants. The food cost of ordinary meals is RMB40-50. There are also various cultural and sports facilities available. The student activity center is the place for students to carry out various activities and the sports center has various facilities for ball sports and a swimming pool. Within 2 km outside the computer there is a comprehensive hospital, supermarket, restaurant and other cultural and entertainment facilities. (does not make sense))
The room charges are: RMB25-45/bed/day for double rooms and RMB50/room/day for single rooms.