Harbin Institute of Technology

Harbin Institute of Technology was established in 1920, having over 48,000 registered students of various types.
The institute has received over 800 registered international students. HIT scholarship is available for various international students with both excellent moral and academic performances. (does not make sense)


Majors Open to Overseas Students
Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Doctoral Courses 
Computer Science and Technology International Economy and Trade Machinery Design, Manufacturing and Automation Electronic and Communication Engineering Management Engineering and Science Business Administration Project Management Aircraft Design and Engineering Environment Engineering and Science Architecture Urban Planning and Design Traffic Engineering Municipal Engineering Bioinformatics Technology Composite Materials and Engineering Optics Engineering Vehicle Engineering Technical Economy and Management Electric Power System and Automation Control Theory and Control Engineering Signal and Information Processing Thermal Energy Engineering Construction Machinery Pattern Recognition and Intelligent System Power-driven Machinery and Engineering Navigation, Guide and Control Welding Technology and Engineering Information Security Civil and Hydraulic Engineering Enterprise Management Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering
Non-degree Courses 
Programs for Senior Visiting Students Programs for Ordinary Visiting Students Language Programs for Visiting Student Short-term Language Program

Course Type



Undergraduate Course


Every September

Postgraduate Course


Doctoral Course


Programs for Ordinary Visiting Students


Programs for Senior Visiting Students


Language Programs for Visiting Student


Every March and September

Short-term Language Program


Every July and December

Living Facilities and Conditions

In the apartments used by overseas students, there are student activity rooms that are equipped with TV sets, VCD players, a VCR and a piano. There are also public kitchens available. Overseas students can share the student dining halls where Chinese food, western food, fast food, special food and Moslem food are all provided for. The cost for ordinary meals is around RMB15 per person per day. Other facilities such as a library and a gymnasium are also available for overseas students. On the campus, there are serving facilities including a hospital, banks, supermarkets and laundry facilities.

Rooms provided by the university are equipped with TV sets, a telephone, internet access, a toilet and 24-hour hot water, etc. Charge: RMB25/bed/day.