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Study Abroad Advisory

We offer a totally free advisory service in different countries for students to study overseas - information about the environment, education standards, school entry requirements, visa criteria and application procedures. Also, we can recommend suitable countries, institutes and courses for students.

Institute Information

We offer the most up-to-date schools or institutions information in relation to the availability of courses, courses outline, entry requirements, tuition fee details etc.

Institutes and Courses Analysis

We offer specialised advice and analysis about an institutions background and strengths. Including the graduate performances in various institutes, job market trend analysis etc. To help students choose the right institute course.

School & Institution Applications and Enrolments

We offer professional and efficient service for students to apply and enroll in schools and courses abroad. Also included are the school and course application procedures, changing courses, payment of tuition fee, acquiring certificate of enrolment etc.

Student Visa Information for Relevant Countries

We offer the most up-to-date information about student visa policies, procedures and requirements for the relevant counties, and assess students against the visa criteria.

Student Visa Applying

We offer a specialised and conscientious services for students applying for student visas, backed by our professional experience and knowledge. This includes handling the whole visa procedure for students - organising and preparing applications and documents, lodging visa applications, communicating with visa officers on behalf of students

Australia Institutes/Schools Applying and Assistance for Student Visa Applying

We specialize in Australian institute/school requirements, which cover electronic Certificates of Enrolment (COES), course changes, etc, and this is based on our wide and solid relation with Australian schools and institutions for overseas students.

Also, We are specialize in student visa applications for Australia, including applying for student visas from overseas, extending student visas in Australia, course transfers and student work rights.

Advice for Education Pathway

We offer specialised advice for the students to complete their study and acquire their ideal qualification, through a pathway of the best institution and course arrangement, in order to save the time and money for the students

Life Care Service and Guardian Service

We provide a life care service for overseas students who come to Australia and China, and need the assistance after arriving for the convenience and safety of their life, eg: 24 hours emergency call, accommodation arrangement and airport pick up, open bank account. Signing lease contract with real estate agent and so on.

Meanwhile, we offer a guardian service to the students who are applying to study in Australia and whose age is under 18, prepare all guardian documents for the students and look after students while they are in Australia.

Parents Guardian Visa and Student Dependant Visa

We offer assistance in application for the parents of students who wish to look after or visit their children in Australia and New Zealand.

Also, we can help the student’s dependant to apply for the student dependant visa to come to Australia and New Zealand to join with the student.

Accommodation Arrangement and Airport pick-up

We offer assistance to students in arranging accommodation (homestay or dormitory) and airport pick ups when students arrive or afterwards

Further Help

It is our pleasure to give further advice and help to students who have studying and living problems overseas.

Organising Study Tour

We offer study tour arrangements and care services for students to many countries such as Australia, China and Japan etc.

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