We Arrange the Lowest Quality English Course $1500/quarter ($125/week) and providing COE for students in Sydney

Century 21 Student Service Centre arranging the lowest tuition Genaral English course for international students, providing COE for students to apply for student visa.

For 12 weeks Genaral English course, tuition fee is only $1500 ($125/week); for 30 weeks General English, tuition fee is only $3000, average tuition fee is just $125/week;

The English course we arranging is offering by the quality English college, small class for not over 15 students;

We can arrange for students to enrol 30 weeks English course and packege with VET courses include certificate IV or diploma courses for studnets to apply up to 2.5 years student visa.

For any student who enrol 30 weeks English course through us, we offer free service for the student to apply student visa in Australia.

Century 21 Student Service Centre has helped the international students with 28 years experience of high standard professional services.