Shanghai Jiao Tong University

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Majors Open to Overseas Students 
Undergraduate Courses 
Chinese Language Business Administration Economics Law Machinery Architecture Marine Engineering Software Engineering Material Science and Engineering Mathematics and Applied Mathematics Applied Physics Engineering Mechanics# Chemistry Environment Ecology Biotechnology
(Majors marked with # are open to doctors)
Postgraduate Courses 
Design and Manufacture of Ship and Ocean Engineering Structure# Management Science and Engineering Communication and Information Technology Computer Applied Technology# Electric Power System and Automation Material Science Applied Mathematics# Optics# Biochemistry and Molecular Biology# Ancient Chinese Literature History of Science and Technology Enterprise Management# Power-driven Machinery and Engineering# Linguistics and Applied Linguistics Landscaping Plants and Ornamental Plants P.E. Education and Training Material Processing Engineering Fluid Mechanics# 
(Majors marked with # are open to doctors)
Doctoral Courses 
Thermal Energy Engineering Fluid Machinery and Engineering Refrigerating and Low Temperature Engineering Nuclear Science and Engineering Machinery Manufacture and Automation Precise Instrument and Machinery Measuring Technology and Instrument Physical Electronics Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology Communication and Information System Control Theory and Control Engineering Detecting Technology and Automation Devices Pattern Recognition and Intelligent System Electrical Machinery and Appliances Electric Power System and Automation High Voltage and Insulation Technology Power Electronics and Electrical Drive Theory and New Technology of Electrical Engineering Theoretical Physics Acoustics Solid Mechanics Environment Engineering Material Processing Engineering

Tuition: (in RMB)



Course Type


Commencement date

Undergraduate Course


Every September

Postgraduate Course


Doctoral Course


Program for Ordinary Visiting Student


Program for Senior Visiting Student


Chinese Program for Visiting Students


In every February and September

Short-term Program

3,800/4 weeks

In every July and August


Living Facilities and Conditions
Rooms provided by the university are equipped with a bathroom, a TV set, a telephone, an air-conditioner and internet access. There are also shared kitchens, refrigerators and among others. Charges: RMB40-85/bed/day for double rooms and RMB60-125/room/day for single rooms.