Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Established in 1956, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine now has 11 level-II schools, 3 affiliated hospitals, 12 independent research institutes, 8 research centers and 1 publishing house. The university has 18 master degree conferring points, 15 doctor degree conferring points and 3 research stations for postdoctoral fellows. Currently there are near 5,000 students on full-time basis, among which 1,113 are junior college students, 2,394 are undergraduates, 507 are postgraduates and 264 are doctors.
The university started receiving overseas students in 1975 and now there are now 379 overseas students studying on a long term basis. Among which there are 245 undergraduates, 27 postgraduates, 53 Chinese language learners and 54 visiting students. There are also over 600 overseas students on short-term basis. A variety of scholarships for overseas students are available. For more information, please refer to our website.

Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Majors Open to Overseas Students 
Undergraduate Courses 
Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture and Massage Traditional Chinese Pharmacology Chinese Language
Postgraduate Courses 
Fundamental Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine# Clinical Basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine# Documents of Traditional Chinese Medicine History# Prescription of Traditional Chinese Medicine Diagnostics of Traditional Chinese Medicine Traditional Chinese Internal Medicine# Traditional Chinese Surgery# Orthopedics Science of Traditional Chinese Medicine# Acupuncture and Massage# Basics of Combination of Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine# Clinic of Combination of Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine# Pharmacy Biomedicine Pharmacology Chinese Medicine
(Majors marked with # are open to doctors)
Doctoral Courses 
Pediatrics of Traditional Chinese Medicine Gynecology of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Tuition: (in RMB)

Course Type



Chinese Language Program for Visiting Students


In every February and September, application shall be submitted 2 months before.

Chinese Language Course for Undergraduates


Traditional Chinese Medicine Course for Undergraduates


Postgraduate Course


Doctoral Course


Program for Ordinary Visiting Students


Program for Senior Visiting Students


Short-term Program

9,000/4 weeks

To be determined by students.

Living Facilities and Conditions
In the living zone of the campus, there are banks, post office and supermarket etc., as well as a Chinese restaurant, a Western restaurant, a special food grillroom and a Moslem restaurant. Food costs are usually around RMB15 per day. A wide variety of sports facilities such as swimming pool and tennis court are available on the campus.
Rooms for overseas students are equipped with air-conditioner, telephone and separate bathroom, etc. Charge: RMB50/room/day.