Tokyo Institute of Language


Studying in Japan

Admission Policy

TIJ was established with the aim to help students become valuable members of the international community. The TIJ faculty wishes to contribute to the society by supporting our students in realizing their dreams. TIJ is also widely looking for future students with the following criteria:

    • Persons motivated to become active members of the international community in the future
    • Persons who have a strong interest in Japan and are adaptable to various cultures and values
    • Persons who are serious about living abroad to study and have a strong will to work hard toward achieving their dreams

Group Short Stay

A short-term course in Japanese for groups of college, high school, and middle school students (more than 12 people).
Learn Japanese and experience the sophistication of the Japanese culture or visit the many scenic sights that you can pleasantly talk about when you return home. TIJ will assistance you in making your stay a memorable one. We want you to “feel glad you came to Japan and it was good to know about Japan”.

For an enjoyable way to learn about Japan, we will arrange and lead cultural programs, sightseeing trips, and exchanges with Japanese people by request. Fees will depend on the type of program requested.

Cost estimate (example)

Study Japanese in the morning and experience cultural programs and sightseeing with the escort of TIJ staff in the afternoon (includes accommodation, transportation, weekday food expenses, tuition, admission fees, and escort fees, but does not include airfare and insurance fees)

  • 18 students+2 teachers For four weeks, approximately 270,000 Yen per student
  • 18 students+2 teachers For two weeks, approximately 160,000 Yen per student

Example of the program(for 4 weeks)

Day Morning Activity Afternoon Activity
1 Come to Japan

Test, introductions

Shinkoiwa sightseeing

3 Japanese lesson

Tokyo Metropolitan Government sightseeing

4 Japanese lesson Study Tokyo tour
5 Japanese lesson Visit the National Science Museum
6 Japanese lesson Tea ceremony
7 Free time

Kasai Rinkai Park

8 Free time Free time
9 Japanese lesson Free time or study
10 Japanese lesson Learn about the Kabuki
11 Japanese lesson Bowling
12 Japanese lesson Japan/China exchanges
13 Japanese lesson Tokyo DisneySea
14 Free time Edo Tokyo Museum
15 Free time Free time
16 Japanese lesson

Honjo Bosaikan

17 Japanese lesson

Visit Soramachi

18 Japanese lesson


19 Japanese lesson

Visit Seiko

20 Japanese lesson

University Campus Tour


Asakusa、Sumidagawa River Cruise

Free time
22 Free time Free time
23 Japanese lesson


24 Japanese lesson Games
25 Japanese lesson

Visit NHK

26 Japanese lesson

Final speech, closing ceremony

27 Free time Fireworks
28 Free time Prepare to return home
29 Prepare to return home Return home

*Examples of sightseeing spots…Asakusa、Sumidagawa River Cruise、Edo-Tokyo Museum、Odaiba、Tokyo Tower、Akihabara、Tokyo Disneyland,etc.
*We accept groups of 12 or more people. For groups under 12 people please contact TIJ.

For Individuals

The person who satisfy the following conditions can join Weekday course and Saturday course.
1、Who can prepare the visa.
2、Who can arrange the accommodation.
3、Over 20 years old.

Please check the detail≫Weekday courses≫Saturday courses

※Minors require the parents or relatives who live or stay in Tokyo and can take care them.
※Among them, An elementary schoolchild require the parents to be with them during the lesson.