Only A$43K-A$57K tuition fee in total (Approx.US$30K-US$40K) to achieve brilliant futures.

The hottest bachelor's courses to study in Sydney's prestige institutes, Only A$43K-A$57K tuition fee in total (Approx. US$30K-US$40K), to achieve the brilliant future with globalize high demanding and high salary occupations and great chance to migrate to Australia for most of the courses.

The most popular 3-4 years bachelor's courses in IT, Early Childhood Education, Design & Digital Media and Accounting & Finance;
Popular 2 years diploma courses in Nursing, Engineering, Hospitality and Community Welfare, 

TAFE NSW is Australia's leading government institute of vocational education and training with over 130 campuses around Sydney and state of NSW

1, Early Childhood Education and Care

Bachelor course: A$51,200 in total, A$6,400/semester, Duration 4 years;

2, Information Technology
Bachelor course: A$57,090 in total, A$9515/semester, Duration 3 years;

3, Accounting and Financial Planning
Bachelor course: A$43,200 in total, A$7200/semester, Duration 3 years;

4, Arts
Advance Diploma of Visual Arts: A$10,760, Duration 1 year

5, Design
Bachelor of Interior Design: A$57,600 in total, A$9600/ semester, Duration 3 years;
Diploma of Graphic Design: A$12,840 in total, Duration 1 year;
Diploma of Industry Design: A$23,570 in total, Duration 2 years;
Diploma of Furniture Design and Technology: A$24,600 in total, Duration 2 years;

6, Digital Media
Bachelor of 3D Art and Animation: A$62,400 in total, A$10,400/semester, Duration 3 years;

7. Fashion Technology & Theatre Costume
Bachelor of Fashion Design: A$62,400 in total, A$10,400/semester, Duration 3 years;

8, Horticulture
Diploma of Landscape Design: A$25,620 in total, Duration 1.5-2 years;

9, Animal Care
Certificate IV in Animal Care: A$13,720 in total; Duration 1 year;

11, Engineering - Civil Construction Design/Electronics & Communications/Mechanical/Electrical
Advanced diploma course: A$22,550-$28,650 in total, Duration 2 years;
Associate Degree of Applied Engineering (Energy Technology): $33,600 in total, Duration 2 years;

12, Hospitality Management
Advance Diploma of Hospitality Management and Commercial Cookery, A$32,930 in total, Duration 2 years;

13, Nursing
Diploma course: A$7,810/semester, Duration 1.5 years;

14, Community Service
Diploma of Community Service: A$11,630 in total, Duration 1 year.

AIT Institute is a prestige institute in the digital and creative industries. Their programs and philosophy transform hungry creative minds into the industry’s most sought-after graduates.

1, Bachelor of IT (Software, Mobile Apps & Game Development)me Development);

2, Bachelor of Digital Design;

3, Bachelor of Interactive Media, focus on 3D Design;

2 -3 semesters per year, 
2-3 years for whole duration of bachelor's course;
Tuition fee: A$52,800 in total for whole bachelor's course, A$8800/semester.

The skill occupations might be varied up to the Department of Homeafair policy. Please counsell with Century 21 centre for current migration occupations list 

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