The hottest bachelor courses in Sydney, with very low tuition and prestige qulification

The most attractive and competitive 3-4 years bachelor's courses offered by Sydney's most popular institutes

Bachelor in Applied Commerce, Business, IT (Software, Mobile Apps & Game Development/Net Work Security), Early Childhood Education, Property Valuation, Fashion Design, 3D Art & Animation, Digital Design, Interactive Media on 3D Design, etc.

Only A$44K-A$63K , the half tuition of Australian local universities,

And popular 2 years diploma courses in Nursing, Engineering, Hospitality and Community Welfare etc.

Below attractive courses offered by an Australia's leading government institute owned by state of NSW and very popular digital design private institute. Both institutes are the pioneer in the education industy.

1, Early Childhood Education and Care (Birth - 5)

Bachelor course: A$52,320 in total, A$6,540/semester, Duration 4 years;

2, IT (Software, Mobile Apps & Game Development);

Bachelor of IT (Software, Mobile Apps & Game Development),

A$57,600 in total, A$9600/semester,  Duration 6 semester, 2-3 years


3, Game Design

Bachelor of Game Design:

A$69,000 in total, A$11,500/semester, Duration 3 years;

4, 2D Animation

Bachelor of 2D Animation: 

A$69,000 in total, A$11,500/semester, Duration 3 years;

5, 3D Animation

Bachelor of 3D Animation:

 A$69,000 in total, A$11,500/semester, Duration 3 years;

3, Commerce
Bachelor course: A$48,000 in total, A$8000/semester, Duration 3 years;

4, Fine Arts
Diploma of Visual Arts: A$11,880, Duration 1 year

5-1, Design
Bachelor of Interior Design: A$58,800 in total, A$9800/ semester, Duration 3 years;

Diploma of Graphic Design: A$12,850 in total, Duration 1 year;
Diploma of Industry Design: A$21,400 in total, Duration 2 years;
Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration: A$17,140 in total, Duration 1.5 years;

5-2 Digital Design;

Bachelor of Digital Design, A$57,600 in total, A$9600/semester,  Duration 6 semester, 2-3 years;

6-1, Digital Media
Bachelor of 3D Art and Animation: A$62,400 in total, A$10,400/semester, Duration 3 years;

6-2 Interactive Media,

Bachelor of Interactive Media, focus on 3D Design;A$57,600 in total, A$9600/semester,  Duration 6 semester, 2-3 years;

7. Fashion Design
Bachelor of Fashion Design: A$72,000 in total, A$12,000/semester, Duration 3 years;

8, Horticulture
Diploma of Landscape Design: A$25,620 in total, Duration 1.5 - 2 years;

9, Animal Care
Certificate IV in Animal Care: A$13,720 in total; Duration 1 year;

11, Engineering - Civil Construction Design/Electronics & Communications/Mechanical/Electrical
Advanced diploma course: A$22,550-$28,650 in total, Duration 2 years;
Associate Degree of Applied Engineering (Energy Technology): $33,600 in total, Duration 2 years;

12, Hospitality Management
Advance Diploma of Hospitality Management and Commercial Cookery, A$32,930 in total, Duration 2 years;

13, Nursing
Diploma course: A$7,810/semester, Duration 1.5 years;

14, Community Service
Diploma of Community Service: A$11,630 in total, Duration 1 year.

for detail of the courses which offered by TAFE NSW and AIT, Please contact Century 21 Student Service Centre