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Primary and Secondary Schools Education

Children attend nursery schools at about five years old and at seven they start their six years of primary education. After completing year 6, at around 13 years old, they then pursue their four years of junior secondary education, which they complete in year 10. They then take another 3 year to complete their senior high school. Students at around 17 or 18 may embark on their higher education at the Universities, Polytechnics, Colleges of Education or private training institutes.

While the majority of the schools are state maintained, there are some private ones, which have their special philosophical thinking and religious denominations. Overseas students can choose both the private and the state secondary and primary schools, which are free to set their own admissions criteria. 

There are about 400 state and private secondary schools in New Zealand, which all follow the national curriculum laid down by the Ministry of Education. Subjects include English, Social Science, General Science, Mathematics, Music, Art and Craft and Physical Education. Secondary year 11 students can choose to follow the Art or Science or Business stream.


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  • Our center enjoys substantial successful experience in helping students to join various courses in New Zealand.
  • Our center represents many New Zealand institutes, including high schools, universities, university colleges, polytechnic colleges, university foundation programs, etc.
  • According to each student's different situation and request, e.g. English level, interest, location, preference, and tuition budget, to recommend the most appropriate school/institute for the student.
  • The institutes recommended by our Center are all prestige and creditworthy institute.
  • We also carefully provide the necessary various services subsequent to the students' arrival in New Zealand in addition to applying for schools and visas for them, including airport pickup, accommodation and arrangement of work for some students.
  • Our Center has achieved excellent records in terms of student number, visa-issuing rate and student satisfaction in this regard.

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