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The 25 polytechnics in New Zealand are state and government-aided establishments, offering a range of professional, technical, vocational and trade-related courses and short courses for special skills and professions, as well as one to three years degree, diplomas and certificate courses in areas from business, accounting as well as engineering and computing.

A large number of polytechnics accept students at their own discretion. For entry to academic courses, overseas students normally have to reach a high school graduation level together with an IELTS score of 5.5 or a TOEFL score of 500. To achieve the required level of English, overseas students can enroll in an English course to meet the English entry requirement.


The Strength of Our Service

  • Our center enjoys substantial successful experience in helping students to join various courses in New Zealand.
  • Our center represents many New Zealand institutes, including high schools, universities, university colleges, polytechnic colleges, university foundation programs, etc.
  • According to each student's different situation and request, e.g. English level, interest, location, preference, and tuition budget, to recommend the most appropriate school/institute for the student.
  • The institutes recommended by our Center are all prestige and creditworthy institute.
  • We also carefully provide the necessary various services subsequent to the students' arrival in New Zealand in addition to applying for schools and visas for them, including airport pickup, accommodation and arrangement of work for some students.
  • Our Center has achieved excellent records in terms of student number, visa-issuing rate and student satisfaction in this regard.

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