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Postsecondary education institutions in the United States generally are ofthree broad types, each of which includes both public and private institutions: (1)two-year colleges, usually called community, junior, or technical colleges; (2) fouryearcolleges, which usually offer either four years of general undergraduate education (liberal arts) or a combination of general and preprofessional education; and (3) comprehensive universities, which offer both undergraduate and graduate education as well as professional degrees. Institutional titles can be confusing, however, because states have different regulations and traditions. For example, many institutions called "universities" do not offer degrees beyond the master's degree; some offer no degrees beyond the bachelor's degree. Some "colleges" offer doctorates. A few prestigious comprehensive research universities in the country are known as "institutes" (for example, California Institute of Technology and Massachusetts Institute of Technology). In addition, there are institutions called colleges, institutes, or universities that are not accredited but that offer degrees and certificates.

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