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Japan's Education Framework

Language schools

Japanese schools have a learning period of 1 year, 1.5 years and 2 years and the semester mostly starts from April and October of the year (or January and July will also be allowable in some schools). The courses mainly teach standard Japanese grammar. Some schools may have classes for students who aim to enter a higher school upon completion and students who merely want to study Japanese. The former class will focus on examinations and may also teach such subjects such as English, mathematics, social science, physics, chemistry, etc. that are necessary for admission into a higher school. The latter class, however, mainly focuses on Japanese conversation plus such subjects as Japanese culture and so on. In addition, many schools target on passing Level 1 or 2 Japanese Language Proficiency Test that are held in December each year.

Undergraduate Courses (Bachelor degree)

a 4-year course for most majors, except for medical science, dentistry and veterinary medicine that will last for 6 years.

Postgraduate Courses

Including masters courses and doctorate courses that last for 2 and 3 years respectively.

Short-term college

courses normally take 2 to 3 years and mostly focus on domestic science, humanities, education and society.

Technological academies

Technological academies with professional courses are also called “Special Schools”. These schools belong to higher educational institutions that teach occupational skills and technology that are necessary in practical life. The courses would normally take more than one year and mostly 2 years.

Technical secondary schools

With an aim to foster the necessary vocational abilities, technical secondary schools focus on the 5-year education of junior high school graduates (courses in relation to trader require an additional 6 months). Besides courses on industry, such kind of schools has courses related to that of trade as well as that of other fields. 
Six categories including Japanese language schools, special schools, short-term colleges, universities, institutes and higher education special schools are available for direct application by overseas students.

Qualifications and Requirements for Application to Study in Japan

Admission requirements: completion of a 12-year high school education or equivalent educational background.

Requirement on Japanese language ability: many schools require at least 150 to 200 class hours of Japanese study although some may not.

Financial capability: about 3 million Japanese Yen, or US$30,000 or any other currency of equivalent value (subject to various requirements by different institutes and different regions).

Enrollment procedure: student – Century 21 Student Service Centre – institute – Japanese Immigration Bureau – institute – Century 21 Student Service Centre – Student – Japanese Embassy or Consulate

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